After more than a year without in-person events, Aquitas is thrilled to be back in person next week at the long-awaited MaximoWorld 2021 Conference! We have all done our best to stay connected through virtual platforms…. but no amount of remote interaction can compare to the value of gathering in person for 3 days of networking, knowledge and idea sharing, and of course – karaoke.

For years Aquitas has been committed to leading the Maximo community through the journey of digital transformation, and we are proud to continue that effort by sponsoring the 2nd Annual MaximoWorld IoT Summit.

Keynote Session “Sneak Peek”

The IoT Summit will kick off Tuesday afternoon with our Keynote Speaker, Nikolaus Despain, challenging Maximo end users to ask themselves, “Is your asset strategy taking you to a Connected System?”

We all know that a Connected System can improve your operational effectiveness and reduce maintenance costs, but you need to have the building blocks in place. We are excited to have Nikolaus join us as the keynote speaker to share his expertise and help you navigate the journey.

Nikolaus “retired” a couple of years ago after 30+ years in Food Manufacturing, most recently as the Senior Director of Maintenance and Operations at a large Food Manufacturer where he oversaw the implementation of Maximo across 9 sites and the adoption of IoT technologies. Experienced in developing asset strategies and implementing IoT to improve maintenance operations, he is here to share that knowledge with the MaximoWorld community so that attendees walk away with a tangible framework and actionable insights into building an Asset Strategy that will take them to a Connected System.

I want attendees to walk away feeling empowered, with a real understanding of how to leverage their existing Maximo data to calculate KPIs like MTBF.

Nikolaus Despain
SNEAK PEEK BONUS: Nikolaus will be sharing actual spreadsheet examples to take home and share with your team to get started.

Kick off the 2021 MaximoWorld IoT Summit with me and Nikolaus on Tuesday, August 3rd, and clear your vision to a Connected System!

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