Mike joined the Aquitas consulting team in 2017 as a Senior Consultant with extensive leadership experience in the Army and just shy of ten years using Maximo as an enduser. He is skilled in managing people and has an eye for efficiency, which makes him a valuable addition to any implementation project. 


When Mike graduated college, he joined the Army as an active-duty Platoon Leader where he worked his way up the ranks to Captain. Maintenance duties were a regular part of his responsibilities – keeping operational readiness of weapons and vehicles above 95% at all times. Understanding the critical necessity of routine maintenance, he ensured that preventive maintenance activities were done on time and in accordance with military procedure. 

Downtime is impactful across industries – it can disrupt production, reliability of serviceand customer satisfaction. In the military, downtime can impact mission readiness. If a 21-man unit is not successfully managing its weapons, vehicles, and accessories, the cost can be detrimental, so Mike learned early in his military career about the value – and in many cases urgency – of asset management and maintenance. 

When Mike left the military, he landed in manufacturing where he oversaw production lines, conducted quality assurance checks, and managed PMs. He then took a job at Disneyland Resort as an Engineering Services Manager organizing their daily maintenance schedules and overseeing the prioritization of reactive work orders. 

During his 10 years at Disney, Mike came to appreciate the management practices that were required alongside an asset management platform like Maximo. He experienced all aspects of maintenance at Disney – working with the “Show” team that maintained the Resort’s high standards for exhibition, preventive maintenance on the attractions side, and planning and scheduling on the facilities side. He built staffing models and PM forecasts to provide maintenance directors the data they needed to plan their staffing levels. 

 Working on the people management side of maintenance, Mike developed a proficiency for problem solving and resource allocation with the big picture in mind. He also got a taste of consulting in this planning and scheduling role at Disney – evaluating their maintenance organization and making recommendations without a vested interest. These skillsets eventually attracted the attention of the Aquitas team as they were in search of a project manager to work with customers through the implementation process.  

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Introduced at a Service Academy Career Conference (SACC), Mike was the perfect fit for Aquitas’ needs. He had the functional Maximo background with leadership experience that would be a key asset in any customer project, and he thoroughly understood the end user perspective.  

Mike’s first project was with Encore Boston Harbor overseeing their greenfield implementation of Maximo alongside construction of the building. His familiarity with facilities and perspective on established maintenance practices served the team well in setting expectations and practices that would ground their maintenance program in efficient processes.  

Mike effectively channeled the frustrations and common problems he faced as an end user into being a consultant that listens carefully to the needs of the customer. In his consultant role, he advocates for maintenance technicians and what is reasonable to ask of Maximo users – typically they have their own list of responsibilities, so being asked to do extensive data entry cannot always be a priority in their work and use of Maximo. He brings a level-headed, realistic perspective to the project management role that customers can trust. 

At Aquitas, Mike has worked across industries and encountered a variety of maintenance challenges, but in every implementation project he establishes necessary expectations to support a strong partnership. He firmly believes in representation during the planning and workshopping phase of any project – it cannot be exclusively directors and C-level decision-makers involved in establishing maintenance processes.

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Mike works hard to gain the trust of his clients and challenges them to broaden their perspective in order to implement best practices to save money, avoid downtime, and adjust PMs to pave the way for launching new projects. 

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