Last October, the Aquitas team welcomed John Hassell to our consulting organization as a lead Integration Architect. His proficient understanding of Maximo is a result of many years as an IBM Technical Consultant, and his contributions have fundamentally shaped the development of the Maximo community.


In 2000, John joined PSDI with very little software experience, but his background in materials management as a Mechanical Engineer landed him a position as a Maximo Trainer in supply chain management. As his exposure to Maximo grew, his interests shifted from learning and teaching Maximo functionality to understanding the technical and development side. John began taking courses in Java programming, data structures, and other software-focused modules to strengthen this skillset, and he quickly became a valuable resource on the technical side that brought many opportunities to shape the landscape of future Maximo releases.

With the launch of Maximo 5 on the horizon, it was John’s task to bring the Maximo community up to speed on the changes coming in this update. As a web-based solution, Maximo 5 would require an entirely new skillset of web technology – http, web servers, xml – so training had to be thorough, organized and scalable. Consultants would need to be measured and held accountable for these competencies, so John created two concepts to address the demands of the training process – Core Consultant Training and Maximo Certifications. Both have evolved and improved tremendously since the early 2000s thanks to John’s responsiveness to training development. Interestingly enough, John continues to maintain his own Maximo Certifications even though he created the concept!

John spent several years teaching the Maximo Integration Framework and Maximo customizations and eventually moved into services at IBM where he worked on many different implementation projects.


John has witnessed the evolution of the Maximo Integration Framework and managed many projects with challenging requests from E-commerce to mobility. One of his earliest projects as a consultant involved an unusual integration request to do E-commerce with ARIBA, so he worked with some of his former colleagues to develop a solution for the customer and became very knowledgeable on these integrations in doing so. This experience made him a desirable resource for future E-commerce projects, and he spent much of his time at IBM involved in these integrations. John is also very familiar with integrating Maximo and mobility as it has become a popular request from customers in the face of digitalization.

Having authored Maximo Certifications, John undoubtedly knows Maximo better than most, and as an IBM Technical Consultant for well over a decade, he has formed relationships with the best and brightest in Maximo and contributed to the landscape of its technical functionalities.

John joined Aquitas in 2019 attracted by the comradery and strong sense of self-improvement. He felt that there was a level of sincerity in the work being done and appreciated the shared passion for Maximo at Aquitas.


In his experiences with Maximo as well as hobbies outside of work, John has maintained a passion for teaching that serves as a guiding principle in his life. Mentorship was an extremely valuable part of John’s early Maximo career that drove his momentum in becoming a technical expert. He aspired to follow in the footsteps of his mentors that had achieved great success in the software space and took every opportunity to learn from others.

John carries this same attitude with him as a consultant. He recognizes that in teaching you can walk away from an exercise not having successfully completed the task, but consulting is a very different story. The stakes of problem solving are a lot higher, and it presents a whole new set of pressures and expectations – most importantly, fulfilling the customer’s needs. As a consultant, mentorship reaches a new level that John takes very seriously – imparting Maximo knowledge to customers that will help them be successful in their organization is the ultimate goal. This is exactly what it means to be a trusted advisor, and one of John’s main priorities in every project.

Outside of work, John teaches Martial Arts three days a week and occasionally commits his weekends to teaching it during periods of travel. He has always made time for teaching, and it continues to be a vocation in his life that speaks to his character and willingness to help others.

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