Not only does Steve oversee the project management organization at Aquitas, he is also an expert when it comes to Maximo Calibration, validated environments and pharmaceutical implementations. Steve’s diverse background and niche skillsets make him an invaluable member of the Aquitas team.


Steve got his first taste of maintenance operations in the 1990s working for Xerox, who at the time was relatively advanced in their reliability tracking metrics. As a Senior Technical Specialist, he saw some of the challenges that existed on the engineering side prompting him to return to school for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After school, Steve started his Maximo career working on the customer side as a Maintenance Supervisor at Merck & Co., Inc Pharmaceuticals. The aggressive regulatory provisions in pharmaceuticals allowed him to develop an extensive niche skillset reconciling FDA requirements with Maximo implementations.

Steve worked his way up the ranks onto the Maximo implementation team, where he focused on the tactical task of inventory standardization across the first four plants targeted for the initial go-live event and strategic item/inventory management on the enterprise level. Ultimately becoming the Program Manager for a global Maximo CMMS implementation of the pharmaceutical company, he oversaw projects on a larger scale and eventually met Wayne Brisson, Owner and Founder of Aquitas, who turned him onto the consulting side of Maximo.

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Steve initially joined Aquitas as an independent contractor working on and off as a consultant before joining the team full-time to oversee Aquitas’ Project Management Organization. With such an extensive background in pharmaceuticals, Steve is considered a regulated industry specialist where compliance is a chief priority for the customer because of FDA, DOT or other government regulatory requirements.

As Director of the Project Management Organization at Aquitas, Steve oversees project execution processes and works tirelessly to ensure that they are streamlined across customers, scalable to any project size, and consistent across the board. In standardizing these processes, Steve supports the consultants at Aquitas by minimizing their administrative efforts and ensuring that they have the tools they need for successful Maximo implementations.

For Steve, being a “trusted advisor” to customers means acting in their best interest and making decisions as if he were the customer. Steve recognizes the structural importance of maintenance operations down to the technicians turning the wrench on the plant floor and strives to ensure that all implementations focus on usability for them.


The validation process for implementations in regulated industries poses a number of compliance challenges that make Steve an excellent resource for customers seeking support. The rigorous regulatory process starts with defining the system requirements, and once approved, moves onto designing the system and testing those requirements. Generally, a risk-based approach is Steve’s recommendation in order to minimize the rigors of testing especially since Maximo is already well-established in compliance industries.

Implementations in these regulated industries follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) procedure, which is very similar to the Aquitas PADEO methodology that takes the customer through a series of steps from planning to execution and operation. Steve’s understanding of both is what makes him an invaluable leader in project management at Aquitas. He can recognize and tackle any challenge throughout the implementation process, which ensures consistent improvement in Aquitas’ approach to working with customers.

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Although Steve works less on the technical side of Maximo implementations and more on oversight and project management holistically, he is still considered the “Go-To” Calibration expert at Aquitas. An area of Maximo that continues to grow, Calibration is something that Steve picked up as a consultant in the Life Sciences arena. Long before this functionality even existed in Maximo, Steve was involved in calibration business processes while working in pharmaceuticals.

Steve is a rockstar project lead at Aquitas whose hard work and various skillsets have brought significant value to the operations of Aquitas’ Project Management Organization.

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