Kimberly Welch, long-time Maximo user and Scheduler connoisseur, is a Principal Consultant at Aquitas.  Her passion for educating users in maintenance operations and advocating for Scheduler has made her an important asset to the Aquitas team as well as a valuable figure in the Maximo community.


Kimberly started working with Maximo 15 years ago as a Senior Business Analyst for a massive implementation project in the Middle East. Her expertise lies on the training and support side of the process – teaching users how to best utilize the functionalities of Maximo and working to create efficient maintenance operations on the plant-level. After working in Iraq and later Afghanistan implementing Maximo, she became a Planner and Scheduler for a power plant where she developed a unique appreciation for the customer perspective.

Kimberly’s insights from her training experiences gave her the necessary skills to see eye-to-eye with customers and ultimately put their success first.  Her hands-on, all-encompassing approach to problem solving has made her a successful consultant in the industry as well as with Aquitas.


From overseeing implementation and training processes in war zones to being on the customer side as a Scheduler and Planner, Kimberly has always valued the need for training on the individual level. When Scheduler first came out, she saw its potential to fundamentally change maintenance operations and has since become a huge advocate for its widespread use. Coming from a position of maintenance planning herself, Kimberly understood the problems that this tool addressed and how it could resolve common operational setbacks to save time.

To Kimberly, the success of the client is not always measured by the tool itself, but rather how it is implemented into their existing maintenance infrastructure.  The ability to recognize the client’s perception of success and make recommendations based on those goals is an important part of being a trusted consultant in the Maximo community.


Joining Aquitas almost 7 years ago not only aligned with Kimberly’s career goals and core values as an individual, it also revived her passion for teaching. She regained the experience of training users on the maintenance floor and working to improve the operational performance of their systems. At Aquitas, there is no question about the expectation to do her best work and be a “trusted advisor” to all of her clients. She also values the fact that everyone plays a part in making sure clients are successful, that their problems are solved, and their stress is alleviated.

Starting as an implementation lead, Kimberly moved into her current Principal role managing multiple sites and projects at once and training clients on Scheduler. Kimberly’s favorite part about her role at Aquitas (aside from winning consultant of the year!) is her ability to completely transform the inefficiencies of a client’s maintenance operations through implementation, problem-solving and, of course, Scheduler training.  The relationships she has developed throughout these experiences are just another reason Kimberly loves her role at Aquitas – meeting the needs of clients and setting them up to become self-sufficient Maximo users is really what being a consultant means to Kimberly.


Not only does she have more expertise on Scheduler than most, Kimberly also finds time to continually educate herself on any software updates and bug fixes through the IBM knowledge centers. Kimberly subscribes to get notifications of authorized program analysis reports (APAR) submitted to IBM support, so that she is always aware of the most recent changes to Scheduler.  Follow the link below to see how you can stay as updated as Kimberly!

Ultimately, Scheduler filled an important void in the maintenance operational structure, which motivated Kimberly to become an expert on its use. She takes her role as a trusted advisor very seriously and works hard to see success from the client side – making sure she aligns her expertise with their company-specific maintenance goals and allows them to develop autonomously beyond the training period.

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