Gina Leonard is a staple in the Maximo community. Most Maximo customers have either worked directly with Gina or benefitted from Maximo applications that she designed. She is the perfect example of what separates Aquitas consultants from the pack. After joining Aquitas in 2015 as Principal Consultant, she quickly became a core asset to our team.



Like some of the best consultants in the industry, Gina started out working with Maximo as a customer in 1995 for Columbia Gas, where she discovered she had a knack for training. A PSDI consultant recognized Gina’s natural talent and made a suggestion that would turn out to be a life-changing career move: Gina should become a Trainer.


Gina joined PSDI in 2000 and spent the next 15 years at MRO Software and IBM working in various areas of training, design, and customer facing projects. She eventually became a worldwide Support Specialist, supporting the whole Maximo product suite across every industry. It was in that role that Gina started to develop an expertise in supply chain. She quickly became the “go-to” supply chain person, so when the role of Supply Chain Designer/Architect for the entire Maximo product opened up, Gina was the obvious choice.


Even though Gina loved her role as Supply Chain Designer/Architect, she missed the customer interaction. She had been wholly focused on supply chain at IBM and realized she missed working with the complete product suite. Gina would obviously bring her supply chain expertise anywhere she went, but she also wanted to get back into the full implementation of Maximo and working directly with the customers.

Gina looked at people she had worked with for the past 20 years like Gary Toft and Mike Lorden who were now part of the Aquitas team and very happy.

Knowing she had the full support of our leadership team, she made the transition in September of 2015.


As Principal Consultant, Gina works primarily on large implementations. She just wrapped up a 9-site implementation and is now working on a 64-site rollout for a leading food distributor.

She also supports our entire customer base on supply chain issues. If another consultant needs to do a gap assessment, Gina will help make sure the right questions are being asked. She also does on-site customer visits and assessments to help our customers leverage Maximo to improve efficiencies. She is also still very active in the Maximo community.

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Gina truly embodies a “Trusted Advisor” role. She isn’t scared to challenge customers to think a different way if she believes something can be done better or an existing process can be improved. She can troubleshoot challenges within the organization and configure the tool to work with the customer’s business processes.

Gina is (obviously) particularly valuable when it comes to supply chain and the transactional data involved that has a direct effect on the company. We need to have flexibility to accommodate the many different ways that customers want to implement Maximo when hooking up to their financial systems. Gina is your partner to figure out how to meet the needs of the “business users” that are directly impacted by what happens in Maximo, while ensuring you are still delivering the best solution for your end users.

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